Lawn Mowing Service

Curb appeal always begins with the lawn.

Lawn Services MassachusettsEven from our days back in Haverhill Massachusetts, one of the foundational services Ground Care Landscaping company has always provided is our weekly mowing program.

Even though the cost of a lawn mowing service is relatively low, and the competition very high, we consider it to be a core part of who we are as a landscape maintenance company because of the value it provides to our customers. We know what our clients want, and we are not satisfied until they are.

Our Commercial clients look their best every week, which results in attracting new customers to their businesses. Hard-working homeowners who value their weekends appreciate coming home to a freshly cut lawn blown, trimmed edges, and a clean driveway once a week. Visiting our clients every week for 32 weeks out of the year allows us to keep a watchful eye on their property. If we notice a shrub dying or an irrigation head spraying into the street, we can take care of that for them. Many of our landscape maintenance customers started as lawn mowing clients. They have been with us year after year, very often adding on more services like walkway and patio installations or planting projects.

We take impeccable care of our equipment. Having dependable equipment means less downtime, especially in the spring when there isn’t a lot of extra time to fix equipment. Blades are sharpened frequently and we adjust the cutting heights for spring or summer mowing. We don’t bag our clippings, unless the client requests it, because it’s better to mulch them back into the lawn providing a slow release nitrogen benefit to the grass. As landscape professionals, we like every yard to be a showcase. We take great care to not blow clippings into the mulch beds and we always leave the driveways and walkways blown clean and tidy looking.

If you haven’t ever considered a lawn service before, give us a try. If you’re not happy with your current lawn maintenance company, give us a call at our North Andover, Massachusetts location. It would be a privilege to give you a quote on the exceptional lawn cutting services at Ground Care Landscaping.